Home staging consultation

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Our goal is to put your home in a position where it looks so good, buyers and renters can’t help but wanting it. You can sit back, relax while we focus on turning your property into a buyer’s dream, leading to a swift sale.

Your home staging consultation includes:

  • site visit consultation
  • home decluttering/styling (we'll use your existing inventory)
  • selection of photographs of the staged property (you can use for your listing)

You'll be advised by a certified interior architect/designer, who is also a home-selling strategist. With the blend of professionalism, industry insight and creative flair, we will transform your home into a buyer magnet. We are skilled in space optimization, color mastery and design trends.

    We will use the decor and furniture you already have in your home, but style it and position it around the house in a way to create a decluttered, neutral space that will appeal to everyone. 

    If you would like to rent or buy our selected decor/furniture packages, there's a range of styles you can choose from. Please get in touch for more information. 

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